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Hell Dogs coming…



When Vohne found her, she was meditating by the lake.

He knew that Claudius’ unexpected departure had troubled her, but she had hidden it well until this morning…

Cibelle sat on the shore, close enough to the water to let it lick her bare toes. She remained silent, but Vohne felt the lullaby she was humming to the Universe. He recognized the song he had heard her sing to the old man when he had squatted their humble house. She was calling out to him. Desperately.

Vohne guessed, before her lips moved, what was wrong.

He doesn’t answer anymore, Vohne… There’s not a trace of him in the air. How is it possible? He promised…

Her voice broke, but she held herself from weeping. Vohne had heard Claudius vow to Cibelle that he would guide her when she doubted. If he already failed her, so shortly after disappearing from their life, how could she trust him, now?

Vohne sat by Cibelle, and leaned her way to catch her hand. Her fingers were trembling slightly against his palm, and he wished he could have been the one able to comfort her, at this very moment. But he didn’t have the knowledge Claudius held. And Cibelle needed to know.

Following her gaze, Vohne noticed that she hadn’t chosen the pebble beach to be by the water. She was watching the mountains, intricately drawn on the horizon. Squinting his eyes, he squeezed Cibelle’s hand tighter when he understood what worried her.

Dark varicoid lines seemed painted on the hillsides. Black strokes of evilness running up to the mountain tops, then downhill to the valleys again. As if a spiderweb of clouds was casting a menacing shadow on the scenery.

But the sky was clear…

It is awake, Love. Claudius was right!

Death was gnawing its way to them, patiently. Vohne wished he had never heard the Elders’ tales about this prophecy. The back then frightened little boy never could have imagined what he was now witnessing. The mad dogs from Hell were on the loose, seeking him for their master. Ravaging everything that stood on they way, spreading devestation like a deadly disease.

And there was only one cure.

Oh wait!

Cibelle’s body stiffened, her head thrown back, and Vohne felt her silent lullaby once more… Her plaintive singing was soon rewarded by the voice of the wise man. His tone was beyond nervous, and he spoke fast, which was unusual, but his answer seemed to calm Cibelle who kept chanting in her transe.

They spoke in tongues Vohne didn’t understand. All he could do was stare at Cibelle’s statue-like body, and the occasionnal nod of the head as she welcomed Claudius’ longed for words. When her lids opened again, she sprung on her feet so suddenly that Vohne himself, lost balance.

Come Love… We have to go! It knows… We have no time to spare!

Vohne looked back at the mountains, wondering what Claudius had revealed to her, as the black trails kept stretching in every direction.

Now Vohne!

Clinging to his hand, Cibelle pulled him on his feet with a strenght he had never suspected from her, and led him to their home, running as if their lives depended on it.



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9 thoughts on “Hell Dogs coming…

    1. Oh Gorgeous, I am honored I introduced you to a new word! The darkness is definately growing stronger in Cibelle and Vohne’s world…. I never saw that coming when I first welcomed them in the back of my mind. Thank you for following them so loyaly 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Cheryl 🙂 🙂 🙂 The next episode should come soon. People like you and Eleanor are the main reason they are still ”alive”. And I am very grateful for that 🙂


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