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Just a dream? – FFFC



When she suddenly awoke, trembling from head to toes, Vohne had the reflex to hold her tighter, pressing her face to his chest.

Shhh, shhhh, Love… It was just a bad dream.

Rocking Cibelle softly, already regretting saying that, he knew that she could hardly find any nightmare comparable to what they were living, in her sleep. Trying to figure something more comforting to feed her, he noticed her muffled sobbing against his heart.

What was it? What did you see?

Drying her tears with the hem of his sleeve, Vohne waited patiently for the words to come… And Cibelle described the still fresh dream that had come to her. It wasn’t indeed a nightmare, but a beautiful vision of her in some woods. Wrapped in a baby blue dress, her hair up and bare footed, she was walking peacefully. She was playing some flute, as if everything was fine, and.. and…

And then what? Love, what was so scary?

Then the magestic buck she had defeated had appeared from between the trees. It wasn’t alone, and soon she saw a female dear, and a fawn that walked straight to her. But she wouldn’t stop playing, barely paying attention to the powerful animals getting closer and closer.

Vohne was perplex. There seemed to be nothing threatening in that picture, to him.

I think I had a vision of the afterlife, Vohne!

She started crying again, and the young man hugged her tenderly.

It is possible, Love… I can’t promise you that we’ll beat this darkness, but we’ll do everything we can to succeed.

Obviously not calming her the least bit, his words seemed to throw gas on her fire. She stood up, a mix of anger and distress in her gaze.

Don’t you understand?? You were not there with me!!


Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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