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In the still of the night…



After Cibelle’s departure, a first night came about, followed by an empty first day. Vohne walked around, without a goal other than waiting for the return of his Love.

The daytime wasn’t so terrible. As a matter of fact, the hours went by quite quickly. It was when darkness set in, that worries tightened their knotted fingers around Vohne’s throat. As soon as the sun disappeared on the horizon, he locked the door, closed all the windows, despite the summer’s heat.

He felt threatened. It was crazy, there was no reason to feel any kind of menace… If anything, he should have been worried for Cibelle, but a little voice within told him that she was safe.

Still, lying in bed, his cheek pressed on her pillow, enjoying Cibelle’s lingering smell, fear never left him. He couldn’t explain it. He hadn’t seen anything out of the ordinary, had not heard any strange noise… He didn’t suffer from being alone in their house. Sure he missed Cibelle’s jolly company, but it was something else that kept him up all night.

At first, it was merely a presence in the room. A somewhat ghostly presence following his every moves. And Vohne only fell asleep when he couldn’t fight the tiredness anymore.

In the morning, the threat always disappeared with the first sun rays.

That evening, the feeling came to him again, and he was getting ready to fight it for long hours, when it happened. On the black backdrop of the night, colorful lines started forming before his eyes. Life fireflies flying around the room. Slowly, a silhouette got clearer and clearer. Feline-like, the figure seemed to have two large moons as its eyes. Two large moons glowing on him.

It was so very eerie, still, the clearer the spirit looked, the less Vohne felt threatened. The face above him looked benevolent, and Cibelle’s voice spoke softly to him.

The menace he had felt was in fact a protective presence, sent by his Lover. But why did he need protection? What was he to fear?

As he tried to ask Cibelle, the silhouette disappeard.



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4 thoughts on “In the still of the night…

  1. BRING THEM BACK TOGETHER!!! Just saying. πŸ˜‰ The story must flow as it will, but it genuinely moves me to contemplate their separation, so I’m relieved Cibelle can still send a presence of sorts (even if it portends something threatening …).

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    1. I love your enthusiam, Gorgeous πŸ™‚ It is funny you say this, because I wrote this part a little against my own will, because I needed a transition, but I really didn’t want to keep them apart too long. More to come soon, and hopefully, there will be good news for these two love birds πŸ™‚


      Liked by 1 person

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