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Time to go…. (Tell me a story)



Against Claudius’ will, Vohne insisted on walking them to the Four Paths crossroad. Carrying Cibelle’s belongings, he had tried to talk to her along the trail, but he could feel the old man keeping his lips sealed, and they traveled in silence.

The forest was particularly quiet as they reached their parting point. Not even a sparrow’s tweet, or a breeze in the leaves.

Vohne turned to Cibelle, and embraced her tenderly. He tried to slip a thought to his sweet Lover, pressing his forehead to hers, but even his mind seemed bottled up. Claudius’ grin confirmed that he wouldn’t let Vohne warn Cibelle of any upcoming danger.

The frail dove-like silhouette snuggling in his arms started singing softly. Vohne frowned, intrigued and after a brief moment, recognized the lullaby Cibelle had hummed night and day while he was fighting the demons after the duel against the blue moon. The song that had kept him hanging on, as the darkness tried to swallow him whole.

He held her closer, rocking her body gently. Up to this moment, he hadn’t realized that the lament she had relentlessly sung was in this mysterious language she and Claudius were speaking the day before.

Claudius’ voice thundered.

Time to go now, Cibelle!

Vohne tightened the bag on Cibelle’s shoulder, and he ran his fingers through her hair, hoping she would hear the ”I love yous” in his fingertips. She pulled his face closer, and before giving him a goodbye kiss, whispered on his lips, ”me too”.

Claudius grabbed Cibelle’s wrist, and pulled her away.

Suddenly, a howl broke the silence, and Vohne turned to see a pack of wolves staring at them. Wolves… Cibelle’s totem animals. He hoped they were there to protect her on her journey.

When he spun back, Cibelle and Claudius had vanished.




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Cheryl, from The Bag Lady asked me to participate to the Tell me a story blog chain. Thank you, Cheryl, for thinking about me for this fun challenge! If you don’t know The Bag Lady yet, please pay my dear friend a little visit!

The only rules are to use the photo I chose above, and tell us a story about it, in any form. Then choose a picture of any type and nominate three bloggers to do the same with your own picture choice.



Here is my picture:



And here are the three bloggers I nominate to play along;

Madame Suze

Biff Sock Pow


7 thoughts on “Time to go…. (Tell me a story)

    1. This picture was an unexpected gift that helped me to imagine this transition in the story… It’s been a long week, but I am looking forward to a quiet weekend, and hopefully, the next chapter will tickle my fingertips 🙂 Thank you for your never failing support, Gorgeous 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Just read it… It is a great take on my picture! It fits the gloominess perfectly 🙂 I like the fact that you included the graffiti in the story, very clever! Thank you for joining in the challenge 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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