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Just thinking…



I’ve been brainstorming lately, and I feel like I should write and post these thoughts, because sometimes, that’s what it takes to ”force” me to do some crazy things I am not sure I’ll be capable of.

I’m warning you, this is not entertaining in any way, but it has to do with The Cove and therefore, I think you should be informed, just in case I’d go ahead and embark in this crazy project…

Some of you know my series Cibelle & Vohne

What started as a one post story, dipping my toe in the fantasy genre has slowly evolved into a saga (ok, maybe not that big, but it is the longest story I have written on my blog so far, so a saga it is! LOL) of now 32 published episodes, and one about to go out.

Maybe it is the fact that I had never really played with the fantasy genre before… But Cibelle & Vohne’s universe is one I really explored a lot through daydreaming. The little house in the woods, the lakes, and rivers… The mountains, valleys, the Mourning Echo cliffs… All so very familiar now. Not to mention Cibelle, Vohne, Claudius, Shadow and the Forest Spirit…


Having this much material about a story got me thinking. What if I pulled it all together and worked a beginning (because Frazil, as much as I like the post, is not a proper introduction to my love birds) and an ending, I just might have a book to e-publish.

I have the feeling it is the right thing to do now, because new readers falling on the latest episodes have so much to catch up to anyway.

So, if I do decide to give Cibelle & Vohne a shot, I’ll remove my posts in the next few weeks, to keep all the plot keys for the book. If you are a C & V fan (I have a couple of names in mind) I’d like to have you as beta readers for the book version. Just contact me via my contact page. I’ll be happy to work with you.

I am not quite decided yet… But who knows? I bet J.K. Rowling had no idea what she was throwing at the world when she wrote Harry Potter (No, I am not comparing myself… Just saying you never know what fate is holding out for you…)



28 thoughts on “Just thinking…

  1. Excellent idea!! Go for it! Through posting on my blog is exactly how The Odessa Chronicles came to be! You are right, you just never know what may happen. You have a lovely way with words so yes have fun, follow your heart and see what happens!

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    1. Thank you, Joy!! I wasn’t aware that The Odessa Chronicles had started up on your blog… That’s very encouraging 😉 I might get in touch for advice, if I manage to wrap up the story… If you don’t mind, of course 🙂

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      1. You are most welcome!
        Yes, it all started with me thinking I would do a fun story about a cat. It was only meant to be one story but then … 🙂 Life can be very surprising!
        You are very welcome to ask me anything you want, will help the best I can.
        The inspiration behind the cat story is a whole other story! LOL! 😄🙂

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    1. I think I doubted myself long enough now 😉 And I think if I work hard enough on connecting all the parts and giving it the story a decent beginning and ending, it’d be a book I’d be proud to put my name on 🙂 And I have a feeling your name will be in the credits xx


      1. 🙂 Of course… You’ve always been such a kind supporter, I won’t forget that!

        I’m really excited too 🙂 *fingers crossed*


  2. Go for it. I always say I do not want to end up in the elders’ home saying :” I could have been…..”. You don’t want to end up saying that either so if you can do it, go ahead ,and give it a go.

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