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Kind Hearted Challenge!



As you may already know, the above picture is a detail of the card Candace, from Revenge of Eve, sent me recently. Since I hung it on my Wall of Fame, I’ve been glancing at it every day I work, several times during my shift, and it often makes me smile.

I know it takes very little to make someone else’s day. I also know how good it feels to do so. But like you all, I have limitations that keep me from spending as much time as I’d like, doing all the little kind things I wish I could do.

So, I’ve been thinking about this for a while…

And I thought that if I encouraged you, Lovelies, to join a new challenge spreading kindness around, together, we could generate many smiles that never would have happened otherwise. What’s the worst that could happen? People not playing along… Not that bad, right?

I understand that a weekly dare would be a bit too much to start with, but a monthly post would give enough time for everybody to plan and post about their contribution to the challenge. So, each first day of the month, I’ll post an easy, unexpensive kind challenge for you all. You’ll have all month to give it a try, post about it, and either create a pingback to my post, or leave your link in the comment box.

Please note that publishing a post about our acts of kindness has nothing to do with looking like good people (at least, not to me). But talking about it might attract more people who just wouldn’t have thought about joining in, and the more the merrier!

This is just an introduction, as my first challenge will get published on August 1st. I just wanted to see if this is just another silly idea of mine, or if it might get some of you curious. Please let me know what you think about it, and if you think it might interest you…

I really hope this will resonate with you, and that you’ll at least try to participate!


P.S. Oh, and Candace, thank you again for the inspiration!  Muuuuuah!!



32 thoughts on “Kind Hearted Challenge!

    1. I’m so glad!! I really hope you will 🙂 You are already really good at putting a smile on people’s faces, I’m sure you’ll nail the challenge xx


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