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The hermit – part 9



She counted the tablets one more time.

Aligned on the kitchen table, she knew she had enough, but she didn’t want to need them to stop suffering. With labor’s day long weekend, most of her neighbours were away, gone to celebrate life with their families.

The building was unusually quiet. No one would notice any change in her habits. Timing was perfect, but she didn’t feel ready just yet.

Kane hadn’t come the day before. She wasn’t exactly surprised, but she had hoped he would be there to scratch at her door. Ok, she had not planned on opening up, but she needed the feeble contact with the outside world.

But there had been no knock on her wooden door. No note slipped under it either.

She wondered what to do.

Liquor seemed like a good option.

She got up and walked to the fridge, to get the vodka bottle in her freezer. She didn’t drink much, and had saved the bottle for a special occasion. Today seemed perfect, and she twisted the cap off, filling shooters one after the other.

Starting to feel a bit tipsy, she reached for her cell phone. Typing his adress, she wrote a quick message, not overthinking her decision, as she downed another shot.

Come and save me if you care.


She filled her glass once more, eyeing the pills aligned on the kitchen table.



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