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Sky paint…



I think it is an understatement to say that it would be easy to be a little (read ”very”) bitter these days…

After the two years long pandemic, that affected each and everyone of us, the now pending threat of a possible third world war is quite depressing, to say the least.

It can seem like there’s nothing to look up to, and some might start to think that the light at the end of the tunnel is that of a train about to run us over.

The price of gas is sky-rocketing… The grocery store bill is getting higher and higher week after week… (just as every other bills).

But there’s always a silver lining, no matter how small it might seem at first sight.

Last weekend, I went on a walk around my neighbourhood. I was obviously overdressed, not as being too chic, but as wearing way too many layers of clothing, since I didn’t even need to put on my mittens, the temperature being over the freezing point.

I remember walking by a man that was only wearing a t-shirt (well… He was also wearing pants and boots, and most probably boxers and socks but it would have been weird to check, I just wanted to point out that some of us just go crazy when the temperature is a little more clement). And I thought, ”Hey, Spring is on its way, for sure!

And a moment later, I caught the above picture. And it was very soothing to catch a glimpse of the sky painted on the sidewalk. Because it meant that we are that close to watching Winter die.

Some of you, Lovelies might not know how bad Freezingland Winters are. Just tonight, we had icy rain threatening to keep me from publishing this post. But as long as the wires hold on, I am good.

So back to the picture…When I can see my neighbourhood’s reflexion in puddles, I just feel happy, because it means that soon enough I’ll be preparing my garden for the balcony.

And that feels good, unless Putin’s plans include nuking Montréal if our leaders don’t act as he wants them to.

Let’s not hope so.

3 thoughts on “Sky paint…

  1. Loved this post Catherine. This is what we have to do these days, catch something remarkable in the little things – like the reflection. The tshirt guy reminds me of going to a Denver Broncos game, sitting in snow covered seats and watching the Barrel man who supposedly only wore a barrel and painted himself in orange and blue 😂


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