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Freezingland fun…



This morning, when I woke up, the above picture was the view from our living room’s window.

The weather people had announced what was supposed to be nothing less than a blizzard. And although snow was actually falling from the sky, I was kind of disappointed. Mother Nature hadn’t delivered the good ol’ snow storm I was expecting. Had she filled her part of the contract, I would have had stunning pictures to show.

Dang you, Mother Nature!

But there was still snow to shovel, and I had to prepare for that. When you go out for an extended period of time in Freezingland, you have to dress for the event! It was obvious I had to leave my very dear pajamas out of the equation. Here’s was I traded them for…


  • A pair of tights
  • A pair of smart whool socks
  • A pair of jeans
  • A t-shirt
  • A warm sweatshirt
  • Two neck warmers
  • A tuque
  • My warm winter coat
  • My winter boots
  • A pair of gloves, covered with a pair of whoolen mittens.


I was ready to spend some time out in the cold.

My first mission was easy. The wind had blown most of the snow off from our downstair balcony. While I was tossing it away a clear voice called out to me.

Hey! Hellooo!

It was my next door neighbour (not suspected for any serial killer tendencies) clearing her steps aswell, with her 13 month old son sitting on the balcony.

We had a nice chat, which made my trip out in the cold all that much more worthy. And then I waved goodbye, and walked to our backstreet, to (try to) clear our car waiting in our improvised parking lot.

Here’s what it looked like upon my arrival…




It doesn’t look like it, but that’s a whole lot of snow waiting for me. By that time, I wished I had agreed when Chéri told me he’d take care of it on Wednesday, which is his next day off.

But I was all dressed, and out in the cold, so I thought… I can take care of this!

Here’s what it looked, once I managed to broom the snow off the top of our car.




I still had to shovel all of the snow arround the vehicule. If you’ve never shoveled snow, you probably don’t know that depending on the storm, the snow is either very fluffy, dry and light, or it is very dense, humid and heavy… Guess what kind I got?

Yeah. Not the fun one.

But about an hour later, here’s what it looked like.




Okay. I get that you’re not very excited, but I was.

Not only didn’t I get a heart attack from the intensive work out, but we’ll be able to get out of the backstreet if needed.

Then again, the snow hasn’t stopped yet.

Dang you, Mother Nature!

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