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Don’t blink!



That’s the beauty of Freezingland…

One evening, you can go out on the balcony wearing a simple t-shirt, and the next morning, you need your blizzard apparel to go to work.

There’s no in-between. Winter is a very ”in your face” season.

You can find a funny video depicting it, here.

Nonetheless, the first snow is always kind of magic. Probably because we haven’t shoveled tons of it, yet. But we’ll get there soon enough 😉

13 thoughts on “Don’t blink!

    1. Exactly!! I must say the last two winters weren’t so bad, since I didn’t have to go out for work. When you watch it fall wrapped in a nice blanket, drinking a hot beverage, it is awesome. I try to appreciate as much as I can… Because I remember trying to explain snow to Guinean children, when I lived in Africa. It reminds me that we’re lucky to experience it, even if we get tired of it after a while 😛

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