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  Maestro, work Work your magic Swirl your baton! Twist me around Your little finger… Pull the notes out Of me, make me Your sweet symphony! Pull my chords, Strum my strings… Love me dearly and Make me sing, Maestro work Work your magic!

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A magic touch… – FFFC

    Wake up, handsome! When he opened his eyes, he didn’t feel any pain, but a weird numbness kept him from moving a single muscle… Slept well, Dear? She was sitting on top of him, gloriously naked under a crimson open silk night robe. The memories were slowly coming back to him, while he…… Continue reading A magic touch… – FFFC

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Looking back… Day 9.

  If there is something I wish I’ll keep until the day I leave this world, it is the gift of keeping in touch with my inner child. I like being impressed by little things. I like seeing the beauty in little things. I like feeling the magic in little things. As I said in…… Continue reading Looking back… Day 9.

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Cyranny’s Jukebox

  Happy Friday Lovelies! I have let the grey weather play with my mood a little too much for my likings lately, and I need to brighten things up. And something that has an instant effect on my mood is music, so why not put a few quarters in the Jukebox and wiggle our butts…… Continue reading Cyranny’s Jukebox

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I put a spell on you…

She had gathered all her witchy-wichcraft precious items and had gone for a long walk in the dark woods… Seeking the perfect emplacement to implore the moon. She set up the magic stones, burned some patchouly incense while dancing in the soft moon beams… Chanting incantations, in a strange language she had learned in her…… Continue reading I put a spell on you…