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Good luck with that!



Caught this on my way back home, a little after midnight. I’m pretty sure that’s just a snowbank in front of the white car, but who knows?



P.S. yes, I’ll give you a break with my snowy pictures… As soon as Mother Nature stops sending shitloads of it!

53 thoughts on “Good luck with that!

      1. *flipping mermaid tail left and right, in the air… knocking a flower vase off the coffee table in the process, still waving, kicking the cat sleeping on the couch…* and now?? πŸ˜›

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      2. It’s just the thought of being the first one to negociate a Winter Cancellation, you know? I hope it doesn’t leak in the medias… I wouldn’t want journalists coming to knock at my door, and other countries calling to have me cancel their winter too. Except Denmark, of course. Denmark can call anytime… For any reason…. Denmark can even call to get a good night lullaby if it has trouble sleeping! LOL

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