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The Quest… – FFFC

    And now what????? Cameron stood at the edge of the forest and stared between the tall trees. Knowing all too well that he was scared to death of getting lost in the woods, she had assured him that she’d meet him at the border of their worlds. He had done everything she had…… Continue reading The Quest… – FFFC

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The room… – FFFC

      Sneaky bitch! Well, to be honest, he thought, she wasn’t sneaky at all. It wasn’t as if she was doing it on the sly… Still, he was stunned, standing in the framing of the door. He pulled the pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, and lit himself one, not even wondering…… Continue reading The room… – FFFC

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What the clock? – FFFC

    Jim pulled the cloth theatrically, revealing the picture. Voilà! She turned to her manager, and rolled her eyes so hard that he had to repress from chuckling. Walter knew right away she was boiling with rage, and he couldn’t blame her. He really should have met with Jim prior to setting this get…… Continue reading What the clock? – FFFC

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Harry… – FFFC

    Look at him, standing there… What a loser! Tom poke Jack in the ribs with his elbow. “Loser” yourself, dumbass! You know all too well Harry is just… You know? Different. The guy’s a fuckin’ genius, he’d kick your ass in any class, if you were smart enough to study any of the…… Continue reading Harry… – FFFC

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And here’s to… – FFFC

    Is everyone here, now? Walter gave a good look around, and pretended to count the guests, although he couldn’t remember how many of them had been invited in the first place. There was no glass left on the garden table, and he guessed that everyone meant to be there, was. He nodded to Priscilla,…… Continue reading And here’s to… – FFFC

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Last stop…

  Well, that’s just silly, if you ask me… Helen said as they pulled over in the empty parking lot. Are these people flat-Earth believers?? I mean, one can always drive back to where they came from…  Jim didn’t pay attention to the blabbering as he watched the needle dangerously flirting with the red ”E” on the…… Continue reading Last stop…

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At the Café – #1MinFiction

  What he overheard almost made him choke on his sip. ‘… I swear, he went crazy! He wants it everyday, for hours, untill I am panting and sweating from every pore! Again & again… I tell you! I’m exhausted.’ Pausing to drink… ‘But it was my resolution too. And the gym subscription has been paid…… Continue reading At the Café – #1MinFiction

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Thanks, but no thanks – #1MinFiction

  Night flight, cold feet. Thank God they were distributing blankets… A couples of rows before hers, the stewart sneezed loudly. Then excused himelf. She shuddered. Making his way to her seat, “Blanket?” “Thanks, but no thanks!”   This is my first attempt at Monday’s One-minute Fiction prompt, hosted by Lovely Curses. This week’s theme is “Thanks, but…… Continue reading Thanks, but no thanks – #1MinFiction

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Stalk her…

People are really on my case… Andrew first, though he still denies everything about the daisies, and now Sandy. She says some guy has been calling the office just saying “Mathilda?….” and hanging up when she offered to transfer the call. Twice, just two miserable times… Sandy is big on late night serial killer shows.…… Continue reading Stalk her…

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Stalk her…

Music to my ears… You have no idea. When this lady came accross you on the sidewalk, and recognized you! I can still hear her… “Hello Mathilda…”  Mathilda… How angelic. Mathilda, I couldn’t have picked a better name for you, myself. It fits you so well… Rare, romantic, soft, beautiful. My sweet Mathilda. I should…… Continue reading Stalk her…