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Last stop…



Well, that’s just silly, if you ask me… Helen said as they pulled over in the empty parking lot. Are these people flat-Earth believers?? I mean, one can always drive back to where they came from… 

Jim didn’t pay attention to the blabbering as he watched the needle dangerously flirting with the red ”E” on the dashboard. Unfolding the map over the streering wheel, he followed the web-like routes of the area with a trembling finger.

A good rest wouldn’t do any good in the suffocating warmth of the desert, and no lottery ticket would get them out of there. One quick look at his cell phone’s screen… No signal.

Oh God!

Helen’s jolly babble kept going as Jim considered their options from there. Judging from the dirt on the building, there was no point in waiting for someone to show up anytime soon. This gas station had run out of business ages ago.

Honey Bunny, remember when I told you to drop the high heels for your good old running shoes this morning?

An oblivious inquiring look welcomed his unexpected question about footwear.

Well, lets get out of the car, dear. You can thank me later…



Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #15



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