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Not quite human… – FFFC

. He couldn’t help the eye rolling when he heard the shower water running. She had been in the bathroom for a good hour, and when she turned the tap off, he could imagine Iza sitting in front of her mirror, putting on her wrapped in a towel head. She would soon come out, wearing…… Continue reading Not quite human… – FFFC

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Me too! – FFFC

. They couldn’t have wished for a better day… The sun was warm, and the adults were resting in the the shadow of a tall oak tree. Who would have thought, right? It had been Tricia’s idea, to finally meet in this park they all knew so very well. Just weeks before, they were perfect…… Continue reading Me too! – FFFC

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Morning visit… – FFF

  When he opened the door, the muzzle of a hand gun awaited him, at eyes’ height. Oh, hello Sweetheart! He was expecting her, just not this early. She was stunning, as usual, and even if the colt was still pointed at his head, all he could think of, was how amazing it was, that…… Continue reading Morning visit… – FFF

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Last stop…

  Well, that’s just silly, if you ask me… Helen said as they pulled over in the empty parking lot. Are these people flat-Earth believers?? I mean, one can always drive back to where they came from…  Jim didn’t pay attention to the blabbering as he watched the needle dangerously flirting with the red ”E” on the…… Continue reading Last stop…