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Morning visit… – FFF



When he opened the door, the muzzle of a hand gun awaited him, at eyes’ height.

Oh, hello Sweetheart!

He was expecting her, just not this early. She was stunning, as usual, and even if the colt was still pointed at his head, all he could think of, was how amazing it was, that she could be that steady on such high heels.

Step back, Alex… We don’t want to give your neighbours a show, do we? Why don’t you let me in?

Alexander showed her in, and closed the door behind them. Glancing at her as she walked to the living room, he wished they were in better terms. She had one great ass, and it wasn’t her best asset. He would know, they had been… Very close, once upon a time.

Ok. Let’s cut the crap… You knew fucking with me would get you into trouble…

He couldn’t help grinning. He didn’t want to be cocky, but he really felt like telling her that it was well worth the risk.

Take that smile off your face, Dumbass! She raised the gun again. Where’s the key, Alex?

He dug in his pocket, and showed her what she had come for.

Good… Now hand it to me. I won’t ask twice.

She wouldn’t dare to shoot. She played the badass, but they had something going on. Or so he thought. As soon as he wrapped his fingers around the precious key, she fired. Alexander fell on the oak coffee table, and she rushed to get the key from his palm.

She walked to the bedroom, and unlocked the wooden safe.

Only to find a short hand written note.

I knew you were a heartless bitch. I moved the money before your visit… Now, neither of us will get it!




Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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