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Do you still think they’ll come? Luke picked up his cup of coffee to take a sip. The beverage had run cold, and he put it back on the big log. I doubt it, Mark… But maybe they just got delayed. For two whole hours, without even texting them. They had met the girls online……… Continue reading Rendez-vous…

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Morning visit… – FFF

  When he opened the door, the muzzle of a hand gun awaited him, at eyes’ height. Oh, hello Sweetheart! He was expecting her, just not this early. She was stunning, as usual, and even if the colt was still pointed at his head, all he could think of, was how amazing it was, that…… Continue reading Morning visit… – FFF

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Money – Word of the Day Challenge

Today’s Word of the Day is via Money — Word of the Day Challenge

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Lucky… (Grace, the wealthy wife)

  Grace sighed with relief as she put down the phone to recharge it. She knew it irritated him, even if she was talking to her own brother. She normally would have waited until Christian left for work, but she would have missed Steven. Madame…? She jumped at the sound of Maria’s voice. Pulling her…… Continue reading Lucky… (Grace, the wealthy wife)

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Lucky… (Steven, the young father)

    The alarm clock said 7:23, when Maya’s crying woke Steven up. He brushed his fingers on the buttons to turn off the clock. Oh how he longed for the day he would actually get woken by the alarm. Was wanting to sleep four hours straight really too much to ask  for? He rolled…… Continue reading Lucky… (Steven, the young father)

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After Eight Moments…

   Money doesn’t buy happiness… But it can get me a plane ticket to Denmark!       If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here. Description for the visually impaired: Close up on the Mason jar holding my Saving Challenge loot.