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Harry… – FFFC




Look at him, standing there… What a loser!

Tom poke Jack in the ribs with his elbow.

“Loser” yourself, dumbass! You know all too well Harry is just… You know? Different. The guy’s a fuckin’ genius, he’d kick your ass in any class, if you were smart enough to study any of the scientific crap he’s into. Cut him some slack, we’re not in high school anymore.

Jack rubbed his side and grumbled.

Fuck you, Tommy! Look at him, he’s begging to be messed with! Turning Harry’s way… Hey, retard! Your mommy forgot to pick you up, or what??

Tom grabbed Jack by the arm, pointing at the rector coming around the corner, followed by a policeman and a woman in a fancy tailleur. When the trio spotted Harry by the College’s main entry, they stopped altogether.

Are you sure you don’t want me to accompany Harry to the station, officer?

The policeman politely refused.

That’s fine, but thanks for asking, Mr Grubman. We’ve got this… Dr Lovitt has worked with Harry, and we have something to calm him down if we need to.

The rector nodded and walked back around the corner.

Dr Lovitt hesitated a moment, and reached into her pocket to make sure the serynge was close by. She finally moved towards the young man.

Hello Harry! Remember me?… 



No one ever saw Harry waiting at the end of his College day, again. The word got around that his mom had died in the car accident on her way to pick Harry up, as she did everyday. The car crash was everywhere in the town’s news, but the students could only speculate about what had happened to Harry, after his mom’s death.




Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

5 thoughts on “Harry… – FFFC

    1. Hehehehe, it’s partly your fault, good Sir! I try to stick to the 300 words max rule, when I work on this fun challenge 🙂 I must say ”Congrats” for the pick of this picture! It’s the hardest one since I started to play along! 🙂

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