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What the clock? – FFFC




Jim pulled the cloth theatrically, revealing the picture.


She turned to her manager, and rolled her eyes so hard that he had to repress from chuckling. Walter knew right away she was boiling with rage, and he couldn’t blame her. He really should have met with Jim prior to setting this get together with the young diva.

Seriously?? Walt, tell me you didn’t know about this!

Walter shook his head, still having a hard time not laughing out loud. It would probably be enough to completely set her off.

You don’t like it, Evie?

She spun again Walter’s way, though now adressing Jim.

Maybe a little bit too subtle to my taste?!?… For Christ’s sake, Jim… What were you thinking??? 

All three of them kept staring at the visual intended for the promotion of the singer’s upcoming tour. Not only did she hate the colors, the picture he had chosen, but first and foremost, she couldn’t believe how he could have come up with this stupid concept. Of course, she had understood straight on where Jim’s brainstorm had gone wrong to begin with, but it was all the more insulting.

Be honest Jim. You didn’t listen to the cd we sent you, did you? What am I saying?… Did you even take a look at it???

At that moment, Walter couldn’t hold his laughter in anymore, and burst out loud, tears running from his eyes, while Jim stood there, dumbfounded.

What an asshole… the manager tried to catch his breath. Sorry Jim, but… this is just too much!!

Evie walked to the meeting room’s table, and picked one of the albums up, before waving it rageously in Jim’s face.

As I told you, over the phone… it’s called ”Cluck”!






Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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