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Help me to help — Therapy Bits

Hey there, you Lovelies!!

I am at the office, and working alone… I can see the messages piling up in my inboxes, and I can’t wait to come and reply to everybody, but I still have a couple of hours to spend here, and I might not be much of a chatter until I am home… But!

Carol Anne, at Therapy Bits asked for a little hand, and since I can’t say no to nice people, I am reblogging her. She blogs about her everyday life,  the challenges of dissociative identity disorder and she’s a real sweetheart.

Carol Anne’s blog will soon reach 1700 readers, and she wanted a little push to get there faster! I can’t do much, I can’t “follow” twice” (I think that’s how I got my first restraining order… LOL) But if you visit Therapy Bits, and enjoy your reading…  You know….?    🙂



I have a favour to ask. I’m at 1681 followers. Can you get me to 1700? I’m kind of hoping I’ll get there before the end of the week. It would mean a huge lot to me if I could. If you could re-blog this post and or follow my blog that would be awesome […]

via A big ask — Therapy Bits

22 thoughts on “Help me to help — Therapy Bits

      1. I compare us to firefighters, minus the “saving people” side of the job… I provide technical support for a machine that 8000 retailers have in their stores around Quebec… Some days, I have very little calls, but when the network crashes, or whatever the problem and the calls don’t stop, it can be a bit exhausting. I like what I do, but I am hoping for a quieter day tomorrow LOL

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    1. Do you mean, how I do to reblog a post this way?

      If so, I go through my Reader, find the post I want to reblog, press the “Share” option, and just add the information I wish to introduce the link. I tag the post and publish it… I hope this helps, if not, let me know 🙂

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