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Featured on ”A Guy Called Bloke”

You know Rory, from A guy Called Bloke, right? The prolific blogger posts interviews with fellow writers regularly. I think it is a fun way to get to know blogging neighbours better, and I had the chance to answer Rory's questions! Thank you again, Rory, for the cool shoutout! If you'd like to read our cyber-conversation,… Continue reading Featured on ”A Guy Called Bloke”

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Do you know the Little Fears?

I bet you do... You must at least have bumped into one of their posts once, since you've been around the Bloggosphere, right? No?? Well, here's your chance to make up for that! Peter was one of the very first (brave) bloggers who joined The Cove and that I followed. His humor is unique, the man… Continue reading Do you know the Little Fears?

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Reblog to help a friend…

Hello Lovelies! We all go through rough times at some point of our life. And when it hits, even if you work your hardest, it may seem like nothing's turning up positive. Family matters, health issues, lack of a job...  Troubles add up, and at some point, you have to be able to ask for… Continue reading Reblog to help a friend…

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Sunday M&G party @ Rachel’s…

Every Sunday, Rachel holds a turn of the week party at her blog… Why not pass by to discover new faces, and leave a link to your latest post?? Come say hi, don’t be shy! 🙂 Sunday Social is a place to mingle, collaborate, and share our blogs. Sunday Social is one more place where…… Continue reading Sunday M&G party @ Rachel’s…

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The Cove by Cyranny — Meet the Bloggers

Kate has been rather insistent, hmmm… perserverant with me the last couple of months. The lady, also known as Calmkate, was incredibly patient with me, in her relentless will to have me fill this little “interview”. I’ve never told Kate, mostly because I hadn’t figured it myself just yet. But I think I postponed this week…… Continue reading The Cove by Cyranny — Meet the Bloggers

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Join the International Gingerbread Man Club!!

This is just too cute not to be shared! Make these children’s day, and send them a little postcard from your corner of the world! I know I will… I have a big favour to ask from you all. A friend of mine has a child in nursery and they are asking for a letter.…… Continue reading Join the International Gingerbread Man Club!!

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Meet Dale!

I was waiting to share Dale’s blog tomorrow, for my “Nombril de semaine” post. But the rascal surprised me with this post just half an hour ago, and now, I just can’t wait! Dale paints beautiful portraits from pictures, with a style that really speaks to me! I encouraged him to try and sell his…… Continue reading Meet Dale!