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This reblog may contain some “shitload” — mydangblog


I have weird obsessions…  Denmark (obviously), Mads (hey, I can’t control my hormones!!),  flags (gotta be a regular in the Cove to understand that one) and…  The word “shitload”!

Thank you, whoever you are, who invented that great, giggle-maker word!

Yeah, I like the word, it makes me laugh, and I use it as often as possible (which is not often enough). When Nikki from Flying Through Water mentionned it in one of her posts, I made a promise to re-post anybody I read that would also include it somewhere.

And Suzanne did just that today! I am so glad!!  If you don’t already know her, treat yourself, and pay her a visit!

Suzanne has a fabulous sense of humor, and her Sunday posts are always a great source of giggles. I doubt she’ll ever run out of anecdotes to treat her readers, every weekend. (And quite honestly, if she does, I won’t mind if she makes new ones up)

So here it is… The actual “shitoad” post! Not actually about “shitload”… But it has “shitload” in it! I promise!


A couple of years ago, my lovely cousin gifted me a salt lamp. If you don’t know what a salt lamp is, it’s essentially a chunk of Himalayan rock salt that someone has drilled a hole in and stuck a night light up. But apparently it has a lot of health benefits: it can purify […]

Feeling Salty — mydangblog

31 thoughts on “This reblog may contain some “shitload” — mydangblog

    1. Same here! 🙂 Did you know that Suzanne often participates to Skypy Sundays? She’s awesome in person and always has a funny anecdote to bring to the chat… I hope you’ll join in soon 😉 I’m not the only one who’d love to see you there 😍

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      1. No worries… I was glad you were having some visit (and groceries) 🙂 But I can’t wait to talk to you ”live”. I’ll put my unicorn costume on, if you come next week!! xx

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