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Do you know Speedy?

Speedy the cheeky Rex rabbit is most probably the cutest bunny blogger on WordPress… And every year, Speedy and his lovely mother host a Christmas advent challenge. Every day, you are invited to send pictures of your furry or feathery little ones in a holiday setting, and Speedy posts some of them to celebrate the upcoming end of the year. Today, Freja got her moment of glory (or so to speak) and can be seen in Speedy’s post, drinking her Catmas milk, last year.

So if you don’t know Speedy already, pay him a little visit by clicking on the link below… I promise you’ll end up wanting to pet him through your screen. And who knows, you might get charmed into sending a picture of your own pet.

I know that would make Speedy a really happy rabbit! 

8 Days in and we are doing well with the Countdown and its all thanks to you guys for helping a poor lowly Santa Bun like myself! Please Please keep sending in the those photo’s Because I NEED YOU! Because Christmas activities and places to visit are few and far between! […]

Speedy’s Christmas and Holiday Countdown Day 8! — Speedy the cheeky Rex rabbit

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