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Do you know Speedy?

Speedy the cheeky Rex rabbit is most probably the cutest bunny blogger on WordPress… And every year, Speedy and his lovely mother host a Christmas advent challenge. Every day, you are invited to send pictures of your furry or feathery little ones in a holiday setting, and Speedy posts some of them to celebrate the…… Continue reading Do you know Speedy?

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Between Bloggers – Tips, not advices

  In my four years of blogging, I’ve often got asked ”how I did it?” Every time, I had mixed feelings about it. On one hand, it sure felt flattering, because we rarely seek advice from people we don’t appreciate, trust and look up to. But on the other, even after all this time, it…… Continue reading Between Bloggers – Tips, not advices

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Join the International Gingerbread Man Club!!

This is just too cute not to be shared! Make these children’s day, and send them a little postcard from your corner of the world! I know I will… I have a big favour to ask from you all. A friend of mine has a child in nursery and they are asking for a letter.…… Continue reading Join the International Gingerbread Man Club!!

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Hygge? Someone said hygge??

My dear Rhapsody has posted about hygge. I was about to make her comment box explode with the longest message ever… I couldn’t not say anything about it! What’s more Danish than hygge?? Uh…. Nothing. Period  🙂 So instead of leaving a long ode to Denmark and everything Danish on her blog, I thought I’d repost her!…… Continue reading Hygge? Someone said hygge??

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Weekend Share – Party at Trina’s!

If you are a regular of the The Cove, you know Trina’s weekly meet up is one I never miss.. It is going on already, and if you’d like to meet new faces and share your favorite posts… Just join us! What are you still doing here? Click below!!  🙂   Its the weekend share.…… Continue reading Weekend Share – Party at Trina’s!

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New bloggers, welcome lets meet and connect! — Therapy Bits

Carol Anne wants to meet new bloggers, and follow new interesting blogs… Why not pay her a little visit at Therapy Bits, and leave a link to your own?   If your a new blogger, or a relatively new blogger, I want to meet you. i want to know what your blog is all about.…… Continue reading New bloggers, welcome lets meet and connect! — Therapy Bits

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We Were Out Walking — My House at the Sea

Hello Lovelies! If you’ve been around The Cove for a while, you already know who Notthedane56 is. If not, here’s a perfect introduction to my dear friend’s work! This lovely walk through the world and the thoughts of the main character of the new blog, “My House at the Sea”, is one of my favorites……… Continue reading We Were Out Walking — My House at the Sea

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Hey, I’m sorry about it – Reblog

I could have writen this, and I know a lot of you will feel the same! I’m sorry. I’m really sorry about it, you know? I’d really like to read your blog. But I never seem to find the time. via Hey, I’m Sorry About It — boy with a hat

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Funny Ts at Nesie’s Place…

Ever been to Nesie’s Place? Not yet? Well, you definately should take a minute and pay Felicia a visit… I know it is not Wednesday anymore, but this just made me laugh so much, I had to share it! I am a big fan of this kind of t-shirts, and if I was more of…… Continue reading Funny Ts at Nesie’s Place…