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Lofty Ideals – Notthedane56

  My vision trying to gain insight into your lofty ideals unfortunately was greatly reduced, my sunglasses shielding my eyes from your ethereal radiance….     This piece is the work of Notthedane56. You can find a lot more of his poetry, fiction and humor on his main site¬†Everything in and around Denmark¬†and on his…… Continue reading Lofty Ideals – Notthedane56

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Odds & Ends – Notthedane56

  Knickknacks balls of twine old buttons, my lint collection the spaces between my teeth make for whistling, or echoes of what I forgot to brush, when I was young, Mostly odds and ends my drawers are filled with them memories, light-bulbs, rubber bands pictures of you, and me Things that can’t won’t be discarded…… Continue reading Odds & Ends – Notthedane56

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One Small Cut – Notthedane56

  “A simple cut of the scissors” she said, but I was hesitant to say the least, She spent the day cutting this and that paper, chicken legs the odd photo, or two carefully along the edges along the lines, “You won’t even feel it”, she giggled, as she cut her steak with very deliberate…… Continue reading One Small Cut – Notthedane56

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Her Truths… – Notthedane56

  She was most truthful just before turning in relating more than just a random thought or two, She didn’t mince words hiding them from the day passed, what she wanted to say not standing on precedence nor worrying about stepping on toes, She was most truthful just before sleeping telling me what, she wanted…… Continue reading Her Truths… – Notthedane56

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Her Immunity – Notthedane56

  Her immunity her resistance to what I’d done, lacking strength lacking focus Any amount of vitamin C, injections of common sense, drawing her attention away breaking the bonds between us, Whatever it took what she needed, anything to help a good cry on the shoulder a close friend listening burning my love letters ashes…… Continue reading Her Immunity – Notthedane56

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Loving Her Differently – Notthedane56

  I asked her what she needed wanted, she wanted me to love her differently The need speaking her mind with me really wanting to comply making me turn the bed around thus, 90 degrees…. So little effort, to save our relationship with     This piece is the work of Notthedane56. You can find…… Continue reading Loving Her Differently – Notthedane56

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She Loved The Way – Notthedane56

  What he did how he did it took her away from this life this existence, the stories, he told and how he told them how those people lived how those people loved, She wrapped her arms around the dream the one she longed for the one, he offered her if only he knew if…… Continue reading She Loved The Way – Notthedane56

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Every Last Detail – Notthedane56

  Her car, her life I was just on the sidelines a grease monkey trapped in a cage, waiting for her to toss me a banana, She chose instead to toss me her keys “Fix it” she said “Wash and wax it, do your finest work, then we’ll talk about your payment” Even a grease…… Continue reading Every Last Detail – Notthedane56

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Why Not If Just – Notthedane56

  If I only let you love me like you want to without If I only forget how I would do, if I could If you would only just see Why don’t I let you just choose what, how, why your way is better than mine? When you chose to when we decided to if…… Continue reading Why Not If Just – Notthedane56

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My Doubts – Notthedane56

  She said it didn’t matter whether I lived or died, My existence to her, only was a matter of course, a trifle a non-entity Her indifference to me filled the room filled her life her cup overflowing, But why did she take her power drill and screw my shoes to the floor, while I…… Continue reading My Doubts – Notthedane56