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One Small Cut – Notthedane56



“A simple cut
of the scissors”
she said,
but I was hesitant
to say the least,

She spent the day
cutting this and that
paper, chicken legs
the odd photo, or two
carefully along the edges
along the lines,

“You won’t even
feel it”, she giggled,
as she cut her steak
with very deliberate strokes
the blood-red color
looking out at me,

I tossed and turned
the whole night through
flying scissors and knives
with her just giggling
behind her surgeon’s

I awoke to the smell
of bacon cooking
She just hummed a little
tune, while sharpening
her Japanese Knives,

“Just look how they cut
right on through”, she said
while my eyes followed every move
every whisper, every breath, she took

While she smiled and offered me
my breakfast,
cut into clean slices, with the egg yolk
seeping out onto the plate,

“Oops”! she said, but didn’t seem to regret
what she’d done.

I made excuses for leaving the house
going places, where I didn’t need to
seeing people, I didn’t want to see
doing things that, well that I didn’t want
to do,

The day came when it was time
the day, the moment when, when…

I felt a pain somewhere, but I didn’t know where,
I wanted to tell her, plead with her, but I knew
somehow I knew, there no escape

“Are you ready”? She asked, and hummed that tune

It was over almost at once, the pain, the anguish was gone, all gone,

“Now” she said, “Let’s have a look at my Brave Boy”

My favorite jeans, cut off at the knees…..

Life was painful, wasn’t it……



This story is the work of Notthedane56. You can find a lot more of his poetry, fiction and humor on his main site Everything in and around Denmark and on his new blog My House at the Sea



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