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Weekly meeting at Trina’s…

Do you know Trina? No? That’s good enough a reason to come over, mix & mingle, get to know her, her regular party-buds (like your one and only!) and the new faces that come by… Come on, a good Meet & Greet is always good to promote your latest work and see what others have…… Continue reading Weekly meeting at Trina’s…

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One Small Cut – Notthedane56

  “A simple cut of the scissors” she said, but I was hesitant to say the least, She spent the day cutting this and that paper, chicken legs the odd photo, or two carefully along the edges along the lines, “You won’t even feel it”, she giggled, as she cut her steak with very deliberate…… Continue reading One Small Cut – Notthedane56

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What are you afraid of?

  We’re all afraid of something. It is natural. Fear (when it is not overwhelming) is a way to protect us from doing stupid dangerous things. Being scared is an innate tool to stay alive and as un-hurt as possible. I must say, that all in all, I am not someone who has a lot…… Continue reading What are you afraid of?

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Cyranny’s Jukebox

  When you tell someone you dream about Italy, Greece or Australia, people here usually nod in agreement, and understand. When your heart belongs in Denmark, things are different. For some reason, I have to explain why. What’s so special about Denmark anyway? And I am always a little confused when I have to give…… Continue reading Cyranny’s Jukebox