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Here’s WordPress’ most confusing reblog!

Ok, where did this start anyway?? Trina posted her weekly invitation to mingle on her blog, and I reblogged her, then (if my memory’s good, which it isn’t) Suze reblogged me, and Biff reblogged Suze, who reblogged him back, and now I am reblogging Suze! Feel free to reblog this if you want to, too!…… Continue reading Here’s WordPress’ most confusing reblog!

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Break time…

  I was just outside for a break, wearing skinny jeans, and clouds were passing by, hiding the sun from time to time… I just thought “Hey! This feels as if I had a radiator warming my butt, and someone’s playing with the dimmer switch!” Yeah… That’s the kind of stuff my family & friends…… Continue reading Break time…

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Thought of…

  Calling you, calling out, to share a few words, to share a few thoughts…   And then, I remembered how much I like you, and I put the receiver back down.     Via today’s Daily Prompt: Calling      

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You know you’re creepy, right?

My front neighbour(s) is (are) a bit creepy. I’ve been living in my apartment for 6 years now, and for one thing, those neighbours produce an amazing load of trash every week. Here in Montréal, people take their garbage out once a week and leave it on the sidewalk to be picked up. A large…… Continue reading You know you’re creepy, right?

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R like Relate… A to Z Challenge

Today’s Daily Prompt, relate, is speaking to me a lot. It is something that I’ve often felt since I started following bloggers. Very often. Reading other people’s stories, learning about their lives, their struggles, their dreams and their deceptions has been and still is very eye opening. I regularly discover posts that, though writen in a…… Continue reading R like Relate… A to Z Challenge