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Her Truths… – Notthedane56

  She was most truthful just before turning in relating more than just a random thought or two, She didn’t mince words hiding them from the day passed, what she wanted to say not standing on precedence nor worrying about stepping on toes, She was most truthful just before sleeping telling me what, she wanted…… Continue reading Her Truths… – Notthedane56

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For all of you, snow cravers…

  As Wayne and Garth would have said it… “Game on!” We are expecting from 8 to 16 inches of snow (20 to 40 centimeters). It just started, but I thought I’d share the view from my living room window anyway… More to come later.

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Nice try

My warm thoughts will never be enough. Good intentions are futile, in these sorry years. Spread the love, they said. Spread the joy… But it seems my action always come out short.   At least… I tried. I tried….  

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Before & after…

She sat in silence, sleet drumming the beat of wintertime on her worn out windows.  She sat in silence, hugging the warmth of her souvenirs, past. Holding in her trembling hands her two favorite photos, only witness to her story. Two almost identical pictures of them…  Shyly leaning against each other. Same smiles, same sparkly…… Continue reading Before & after…