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Nine lives…

  I always envied cats and their ways of living… Nap, eat, eat, nap… Play a little too.   But I don’t need nine lives honey… One’s well enough for me, if I can spend it with you…      

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My Head – Notthedane56

  My head, my mind trying to explode doing the right thing after the bright lights of the night gave way to something less pleasant, The heat, stifling making me want to open the window to the day the coolness of the breeze taunting and spotting me The man with the lawnmower cutting the grass…… Continue reading My Head – Notthedane56

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Homemade- #1MinFiction

  While others were emptying their bank accounts, cursing in over-crowded malls, she just sat by the stove. A nice cup of tea, two large servings of homemade jam simmering on the stove and mason jars lovingly labelled and alligned on the table. “This is the most wonderful time of the year!”   This is my third…… Continue reading Homemade- #1MinFiction

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What I Was Not – Notthedane56

  Photographs old occupying space reminding me of what I was not, when I younger was, Hidden was she around the corner, the edge the photograph hidden denying herself participation denying the fact to be preserved in my memories, Lovers were we not an obvious choice a fact, a reality hidden to others denying myself…… Continue reading What I Was Not – Notthedane56