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Why Not If Just – Notthedane56

  If I only let you love me like you want to without If I only forget how I would do, if I could If you would only just see Why don’t I let you just choose what, how, why your way is better than mine? When you chose to when we decided to if…… Continue reading Why Not If Just – Notthedane56

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After Eight Moments…

  The big red dot says “you are here”. This is not a cool picture, but I chose it, because everytime I look at it, I get the feeling that I am standing in front of a very bad hypnotiser. I just feel like looking the dude in the eyes saying “Nnnnope!”     If you…… Continue reading After Eight Moments…

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Yes we can!

  I am currently having a chat with Trina from Itsgoodtobecrazysometimes. We agree that we should be rich, stay home, and just blog. I know, good idea, right?? I rekon this might make some of you want to do the same, but I think there cannot be too many professional exclusively entertaining bloggers! So if you…… Continue reading Yes we can!

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  Deep, soothing so reassuring… Like a blanket around my shoulders, or the comforting arms of a lover… Welcoming as a nest, I can call “home”, always the right pace and the most perfect tone… The lighthouse that’ll always show the way, that’ll save me from mermaids and take me safely back to bay…  …… Continue reading Deep…

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My Doubts – Notthedane56

  She said it didn’t matter whether I lived or died, My existence to her, only was a matter of course, a trifle a non-entity Her indifference to me filled the room filled her life her cup overflowing, But why did she take her power drill and screw my shoes to the floor, while I…… Continue reading My Doubts – Notthedane56