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Yes we can!


I am currently having a chat with Trina fromΒ Itsgoodtobecrazysometimes.

We agree that we should be rich, stay home, and just blog. I know, good idea, right?? I rekon this might make some of you want to do the same, but I think there cannot be too many professional exclusively entertaining bloggers! So if you want to join in, go ahead, express yourself in the comment box, and we’ll include you in our brainstorm meetings (I haven’t really discussed that with Trina, but I am sure she’ll agree)

We’ve come up with a few ideas already, but I thought checking The Internets couldn’t hurt.

We’ve put “robbing a bank” on the back burner. Too much trouble, and though Trina is a lot of fun to hang around with, I really don’t want to play in Orange is the New Black. I suggested one of those pyramid schemes where sub-bloggers would pay us, and find their own sub-sub-bloggers… But there was way to much convincing-people time involved.

I am working on winning the lotery, but so far, it hasn’t been lucrative enough to assure both of us a very comfortable near future…

So here’s when Google became handy. I checked out trouble-less ways to make a lot of cash, preferably really quick!

Here are a few ideas I found.

Some women sell their virginity for big bucks. Next! I’ve lost that before knowing I could make money off selling it. But I promise, Trina, if I find it back, I’ll put it on Ebay! Then we can have a good laugh watching people bidding dime after dime!

I found out you can also sell your sperm…. Yeah… No! I’m not going through the trouble of finding a way to produce sperm. It’s going to cut on my blogging schedule, and that’s kind of the opposite of our plan.

Some people get paid to cry. They are hired to go to funerals, and mourn strangers. That I could do, but I haven’t heard about this kind of service here in Canada. If I have to travel to cry for money, I’d have to be a dang good cryer to make the exercise profitable. So, well, I guess that’s a no. Plus, it is a bit depressing.

I’ve seen some girls in Japan, who eat for a living. Well, I know we all do, but I mean, people pay them by the hour (I am guessing) to watch them eat. I don’t know if you have to be a creative eater to make it big in this business. Or eat a lot? Or play hard to make eat? Hmmm… I have a bird’s appetite, so maybe I could find a “snack for you” niche?

The Internets also told me I could turn Freja into a pet model. I have three words for you: Teeth and claws! No…

Selling used underwear tempted me. I read that some panties sold for over 150$ in Japan!! That would cut on my washing costs, and make sure I always have brand new underwear in my drawer… I like that. But it is a lot of organisation…. We’ll see.


How about you? Any idea how we could get rich fast and easy?


77 thoughts on “Yes we can!

  1. I am up for brainstorming, My mum is still convinced I am a virgin, my son must be the second coming. I think inventing something is the way to go. Something everyone thinks they need. I know, some type of system that allows instant communication all over the world using some type of box. So I could chat with someone, say in Canada about inventing stuff to get us rich πŸ˜‰ That hasn’t been done already has it

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    1. Ohhhhhh that’d be a real cool thing to offer the world… and we could make a video showing people with sending traveling pigeons or sending letters, saying “there’s gotta be a better way!!” to advertise it!

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    1. Good idea, but I tried as a kid, and even back then, when I was cute and all, I always ended up asking my dad to take the box to his job and sell the chocolate to his team at the mine….

      Then again…. I could always ask Dad to sell it for me….. OK! Your idea is on the “Maybe” list officially!! πŸ™‚

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      1. That is an awesome idea!! And it shows how ambitious you are… I like that! Because that’s going to be a dang long tunnel! Can I get a golf kart to ride in it?? Or should we install a little train like in mines??

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      2. I was having a little think about this, we would need hotels at various points, I would think. We should have a range of different vehicles, all environmentally friendly of course, possibly powered by water somehow. I think somewhere in it, we should have a mine track, like in the Indianna Jones movie

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      3. now wait just a dang second here! Cyr has to build the FIRST tunnel between her and me and that is final! YOU can have tunnel number two but I thought up the tunnel thing a whole year ago when we were grabbing firemen’s ….ummmm, WATCHING firemen at a cabbage patch party.

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      4. LOOOOOOOL ohhhh having firemen comebacks! Pfewww that was some party!!!

        Suze, if you join us in our quest to become rich, we should be able to cut considerably on the time needed to be wealthy as dang! And you can buy a jet too, and come jet racing with Trina and me, while we pay people to dig the 2 tunnels! πŸ™‚

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      1. LOL You hear that Trina? Put that in the “Oh no!” closet, and I’ll lock it up… The rest of us doesn’t want to know what we know you know…. You know? πŸ˜›

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      2. Why do I feel kind of confused now? Have you been spinning my computer chair???

        As for the judging, I agree with you. But I give myself the right to make a funny face if someone old enough to cut his/her own steak ever drinks maternal milk in front of me.

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      3. I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit there. Yeah, judging and smirking are two entirely different things. That would definitely be smirk worthy.

        And don’t feel bad, I got a little dizzy typing all that too. πŸ˜ƒ


    1. Oooohhh Anne… You’re faily new to The Cove, so I’ll forgive you this time, but we don’t use dirty words like “too old” in here πŸ˜‰ mouahahaha And yes, you are right, this japanese thing of watching women eat online is so totally weird!! I’ll find a better way to get rich πŸ˜‰

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      1. πŸ˜‰ And you should be proud of where you are in life! I was pulling your leg about dirty words, but I might tease you if you call yourself “too old” again πŸ™‚

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      2. they also for some God-forsaken reason, want pictures of dirty feet in Japan. Don’t ask how I know this but my checkbook has suddenly grown exponentially since I found out.

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      3. sorry, sorry…but they do. mud, dirt, slime seems to be the most desirable. I didn’t make this stuff up ya know, I just report on it. lol


  2. I feel like I missed part of this conversation- but I have two ideas. Both may be fraud. Not sure. Ha. 1- Crowd-funding page for “Homeless Poor Bloggers”- complete with photos of us next to cardboard boxes with our laptops and signs that say, “All I can afford is this laptop.”
    2- Chase the Ace, anyone? Seems to be the top fundraiser in my area:
    Anyone have the expertise to design an online version? Why wait to win the lottery when we can start our own? And if we do it out of the US and register ourselves as a church, we won’t have to pay any taxes. We could qualify as a church in the US if we form a group that regularly meets and shares a belief system. We believe we should be rich and be able to blog all day. Soooo…. are my ideas good? Can I get in on this?


  3. This was a great post and brainstorming is really fun and can turn up a winner???
    I didn’t see beer and/or wine tasting? Or how about this:
    While you are brainstorming at the pub you can make money on bar bets to keep the beer coming and for seed money and to keep the brainstorm, storming. LOL!

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    1. Well thank you for the kind words, and the great ideas…

      I’m sure Trina will be interested in trying to wow bar pillars when we sit down together, next time πŸ˜‰ And you can join in when we do, the more brains to bring up silly ideas, the more chances we have to eventually find the perfect plan to finally quit our jobs for good πŸ˜›


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