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Remember Pepper?

  Her silhouette waiting on the foot of your bed, her sigh on your cheek your head on her thigh… Trying to lull out of you a confession, or ten letting you slip into sleep before the moon got high…   Were you disappointed when she went missing in the morning?   Do you remember,…… Continue reading Remember Pepper?

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After Eight Moments…

Light a candle for me when the darkness creeps and cries when the wind howls and scratches upon your doors and windows while I light a candle for you, 24 Wishes – Notthedane56       If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here.

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Bend the rules… For chicken wings’ sake!

I understand rules, and I usually follow them. But sometimes, rules are silly, and not following them is just common sense. At least I think so. Something happened last night, that pictures it quite well. I thought I’d share the anecdote with you Lovelies. In Montréal, hockey is almost a religion. Our local professional team,…… Continue reading Bend the rules… For chicken wings’ sake!

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A Rule of Thumb – Notthedane56

  Measuring the response -the actual distance between what I thought she said, and what she thought I meant led to a discussion, of sorts Confusion between us the normal chain of events, leading to one being mad, the other sad wanting desperately to speak the same language, but lacking a usable dictionary between us,…… Continue reading A Rule of Thumb – Notthedane56

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YCMMBABPA – And the winner is…. Biff Sock Pow!

It’s been a while, and some of you might sue me for your bleeding eyes, but I just had to do it again! As you might remember, the very prestigious (though its badge is a disgrace to the Blogging Award Academy) YCMMBABP Award is offered to bloggers who take the time to post substantial comments…… Continue reading YCMMBABPA – And the winner is…. Biff Sock Pow!