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After Eight Moments…

Light a candle for me when the darkness creeps and cries when the wind howls and scratches upon your doors and windows while I light a candle for you, 24 Wishes – Notthedane56       If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here.

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M – Part seventeen…

  Collapsed on my sectional sofa, with just a very soft music for an ambiance, we toast to the beginning of my well-earned vacation. We get the yapping started, and talk about all and nothing, smoking like two chimneys. The lights are dimmed, the wine is good and the music is soothing. We chat about…… Continue reading M – Part seventeen…

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M – Part Sixteen

  Back at my desk, I can let myself be tempted by a quick surf on Gabriel’s Facebook page. Here, it is nice because the office uses high speed internet, unlike the what-ever-barely-connecting-me-to-the-web-line I have at home. I go from one album to the next, keeping just enough attention to the oustide world to close…… Continue reading M – Part Sixteen

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M – Part Fifteen

  It isn’t quite 9 o’clock yet when I wake up, fresh as a rose. I can’t believe it, I outran my alarm clock! I’ll be damned! I think the last time I woke up before that devil’s invention did its job, was on Christmas back when I was a kid. I knew Santa had…… Continue reading M – Part Fifteen

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M – Part Fourteen

  I stretch a little, and lay back on the bed. I know it right away when sleep isn’t on its way… My body is exhausted, but I know I won’t get off easily. Not for a while, that’s for sure. So I think about my day, and review the chores and shopping I have…… Continue reading M – Part Fourteen