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M – Part Fourteen



I stretch a little, and lay back on the bed. I know it right away when sleep isn’t on its way… My body is exhausted, but I know I won’t get off easily. Not for a while, that’s for sure. So I think about my day, and review the chores and shopping I have to do in the days to come. Thinking about that, I really have to go get my plane tickets, it would be absolutely stupid to get to the airport without them. I turn the ideas round and round in my head, and everytime, Gabriel pushes the ideas away to get all my attention. It is completely childish. I am not going to let a man I’ll most probably never see again obsess me. It is ridiculous… As a teenage girl, yes, I could fill pages and pages with doodles of my initials and my beloved of the moment’s interlaced. It was a euphoric feeling to keep him in my thoughts all day long back then, but at my age?… Seriously?

On the other hand, it is so good to daydream.. So I finally let myself slip into a sweet reverie, and I can tell that my imagination is about to bomb me up with languorous scenarios. I close my eyes, and there he is, sitting on the other side of the bed. He doesn’t speak a single word, it would be useless anyway. I hold out a hand to reach for him. He takes it and brings it to his mouth. His lips delicately kiss my palm, and a deep chill hits the back of my neck. I get up a little, the silky sheet tucked under my arms, and I slide towards him. He puts his hands on both sides of my neck, holding it gently. He lets them glide along my shoulders, down my naked back, before resting on my hips. His breathing is deep and slow, and I tremble from anticipation.

I know very well that I could jump straight to the point, since I am the author of this script, but I love letting myself linger… Sometimes, the second before a kiss is more satisfying than the kiss itself. (Ok, I doubt it here, but still…)

Gabriel’s hands make their way back up, but instead of stopping on my neck again, he takes my face and I feel his fingers behind my ears and on the nape of my neck. He guides my face towards his, and I can feel our breaths mingle. A fine ray of moonlight reflects on his profile, and I can read in his eyes that we are about to cross the point of no return. The fence by which there will be a “before” and an “after”…

And then he finally makes a move on me… A little timidly first, he kisses my upper lip, barely backs up, kisses my inferior lip and the dam finally breaks down. We can’t hold back anymore and our mouths meet, explore each other, fuse with an energy that I had almost forgotten. His lips are so soft… and he knows how to use them. Nothing like those guys who, no matter how they kiss you, leave you with an inch of slobber around the mouth at the end.

I let my fingers run along his throat blindly, and start unbuttoning his shirt feverishly. I always loved the act of undressing my men… My men, I sound like a fierce seductress! I jump from one button to the next while Gabriel attacks my neck and my left ear, covering them with burning pecks. At last, I slip my hands under the shirt’s fabric and press my palms on his chest, just hairy to my liking. Manly but not bear-like. Now shirtless, Gabriel embraces me and I can finally feel his warm skin against mine. My body claims his so hard it almost goes into spasms, and I gently gash his back with my fingernails…

He stands up for a moment, and still sitting on the bed, I wrap my arms around his waist and rest my head against his stomach. I can feel his lust beating against my skin, the pulsation of the frustrated sex, still prisoner of his clothing. I peak at Gabriel and untie his pants, sustaining his stare. Then I lay on the bed, offering myself to any of his desires, impatient to feel him close to me again.
He takes off his pants and underwear and crawls my way like a feline on the bed. He slips on me and I take his face in my hands. I follow the arch around his eyes, his angular cheekbones, his strong jaw line… I brush the tip of my index lightly on his lips and pull him closer to me. He covers me, wraps himself around me, and I would like time to stop. I hate it when men go out of their way not to crush us under their weight… It always gives me a sense of distance… No, Gabriel abandons himself on me and I love the feeling of his manly weight against my pelvis. (Ok, maybe I wouldn’t say that if he had weighed 450 pounds…)

I wrap my legs around his waist, caressing his butt cheeks with the tip of my heels, inviting him to get a little closer. His right hand makes its way along my body, slowly. Leaning on his left arm, I can suddenly feel one, then two fingers slipping in, to caress me for a short while. I quiver and my breathing gets a little faster. I can’t help but think that yes, it is an advantage to be a specialist of the female anatomy! His fingers are so soft, and I he doesn’t hesitate the slightest bit in his way to touch me… As I let a weak moan out, he lays a kiss on my chest, as if wanting to say “it’s ok, let yourself go”. However, he quickly puts an end to my little treat.

I think Gabriel knows as well as I do that we don’t need to fuss around tonight… Neither him, nor I… He was just making sure I was really ready…

– Everything normal, doctor Madsen?

He grins… God! Is he handsome, his naked body covering mine in the moonlight!
– Everything is absolutely perfect!
His hand guides him softly and I feel him coming down on me with a slowness both exciting and a bit frustrating. Gabriel lets a long sigh out when the skin of our stomachs finally meet. Again, I can feel the pulsing of his sex, deep within me. If I could choose, he would stay like this, without the slightest movement, forever. But he arches back a little, and starts a languorous ballet, coming and going at the pace of my breathing. He moves in an innate disarming way, and I have a thought for all the lovers I’ve denied of the kinky “let’s film ourselves, it’s going to be exciting!” idea… This time, I’d like to have a camera ready, to have a souvenir to replay for my lonely evenings.

Gabriel accelerates the pacing of his thrusts gradually, and soon, we can’t hold back our moaning, and it sounds like throat singing of pleasure and lust…

I grasp his muscled (but not too much) butt cheeks to follow the beating of his body against mine. I can feel that Gabriel is starting to focus, sign that he is getting ready for the grand finale… I wait a little more… One… Two… Three deep thrusts, and on the edge of ecstasy, I whisper to his ear,

– Gabriel… Come with me…

I can feel every single muscle of his body tensed as if struck by lightning, when he penetrates me one ultimate time, holding me tightly as he lets out a final growl of pleasure. As he holds me, coming deep within me, it is my turn to be jolted by an electric bolt that goes from my toes to the tip of my hair… Total blackout! I feel my body merely convulsing, like aftershocks of delight, and the only sound left in the room is our gasping breaths in the dark.
When I finally open my eyes, Gabriel has disappeared… I am alone in my bed, except for Mireille now sitting on her pillow, and Fiou giving me a funny stare from the armchair… I can still feel the shudder of pleasure under my skin… I don’t even get up for a little clean up in the bathroom… Sleep is assailing me… I only have enough strength to whisper,

– Thank you Gabriel…

8 thoughts on “M – Part Fourteen

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed your reading 🙂 I must say, I was more than nervous to publish this part… It was important in Maryse’s story, but it was far from my comfortable zone 😛

      Thanks again for the comforting comments 🙂 Next… Part 15!

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    1. Thank you so much, Miriam 🙂 Your words are very comforting… The fact that English is not my native language was a challenge. Words come much more easily in French, I feared that the imagery would suffer from that. Thanks again for the kind words 🙂


      Liked by 1 person

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