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7 days, 7 photos Challenge – day 5

“Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.” I was challenged by Madame Suze     And for day 5, I challenge Yinglan.

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Quiet Fall.

    Quiet Fall. Screaming in the back of my mind… Be flamboyant, girl! If you want to stand out between Sweet Summer and Whippy Winter! Rain come, rain gone. Burrying a secret beneath background’s lawn… Quiet Fall. Dead look following the red leaves flying. Quiet Fall. Sigh going unnoticed with the raging winds. Quiet Fall… …… Continue reading Quiet Fall.

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Elastic heart

Via Daily Prompt: Elastic   They would never understand…Why should I bother trying to explain? Why am I the one left to tell the story? After all the hunting, after all the fights. The prey not necessarely being that, they wanted to see… Claws out, sharp teeth, your pityless jabs and my fingers around your…… Continue reading Elastic heart

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You can win too…

You probably all know about Jean de La Fontaine’s tale “The hare & the turtoise”… Today, I came across this video, that first made me smile…   It was just cute. And then, it reminded me of all the times I read on other blogs, writers that can’t beleive they could achieve their…… Continue reading You can win too…