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Elastic heart

Via Daily Prompt: Elastic


They would never understand…Why should I bother trying to explain? Why am I the one left to tell the story? After all the hunting, after all the fights. The prey not necessarely being that, they wanted to see… Claws out, sharp teeth, your pityless jabs and my fingers around your neck. Two souls left bleeding on the ground until the next round. Not fit, yet inseparable…  So many questions, so little answers.

How many lies?

Bending, stretching to the limit. My elastic heart never breaking, but ready to snap under your fingers at any time… Quick! Lay your hands on my bruised body, and I’ll burn your skin with a thousand kisses… Quick, before the storm sets again, blowing away any sense we might find in the meaning of  us right now…

Quick, but do not rush… Maybe this time we can get to tame each other?



Loosely inspired by Sia’s Elastic Heart

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