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Micro poésie du vendredi…

Ton désir en ombres chinoises sur ma cuisse… A peine la rumeur d’un baiser. La mélodie de tes doigts désacordés. Une caresse de mots doux, qu’on se crache au visage, Affectueusement. Te posséder, furieusement Cruellement être tienne. J’égrenne le chapelet des minutes passées entre tes soupirs.

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My Shades… – Notthedane56

    Cool was I sitting there clothed in my shades catching some rays wanting, wanting to hit the surf The Midwestern prairie with amber waves of rolling grain awaited me and my board me and my board, and my shades I held my finger up testing the wind direction the oats and the wheat…… Continue reading My Shades… – Notthedane56

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Picture Battle – OM vs Cyra (The Kit Kat incident)

  I thought I was cured. I honestly thought so… After the bi-weekly counseling, the group meetings, the pills and the half dozen rubber bands on my wrist, I thought I was getting free from it. Free from him… OM. I had tried my best not to visit his blog too often, and more specifically…… Continue reading Picture Battle – OM vs Cyra (The Kit Kat incident)

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Cadavre Exquis – the result!

  She had always hated Halloween. For some reason, all the death themed decorations spooked her. Plastic skeletons and fake spiders didn’t scare her, but she knew the build up of black, white and orange house ornating knickknacks was the countdown to the actual celebration… Celebration, what a word! She didn’t understand how people could…… Continue reading Cadavre Exquis – the result!

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Counting stars…

  Counting stars, counting dreams picking them, one by one… Shiny bright stars glued in the notebook of my hopes and…   Trying to cover disappointment, trying to forget… Being denied…   Counting stars, well aware, well… Stars plenty, and brilliant stars too many to be missed once picked. Little treasures…   Simple pleasures. Clumsy…… Continue reading Counting stars…