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Fall Meet & Greet Day 2!! — A Kinder Way

The party is still going on! What are you Lovelies waiting for??  Come in, pin your favorite link on the big board, for everyone to see, and come and dance with me!! I promise to play your favorite song if you come party with us… Sure, sure, it is Nikki’s party, but she’s busy mingling…… Continue reading Fall Meet & Greet Day 2!! — A Kinder Way

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I don’t do selfies.

I don’t. Almost never…. If I have taken a selfie with you, it is a proof of great appreciation! I don’t have anything against selfies per say. I don’t mind people who like to take them. And I don’t care if people want to take pictures of me… I just don’t get why I’d want…… Continue reading I don’t do selfies.

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A Kinder Way FALL Meet & Greet! — A Kinder Way

Okie… It’s been a while since I last joined a Meet & Greet party. And honestly, I think it was more than about time I got back to it! And who better than Nikki to get back to the mingling business??  Ok, I know others who throw pretty amazing WP M&G parties, but Nikki’s such…… Continue reading A Kinder Way FALL Meet & Greet! — A Kinder Way

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Last night… part 2.

  She left the empty glass in the kitchen sink, and poured the black brew in her favorite mug. She wondered if she should call Valérie, but it was still a little early for a Saturday morning, and she wanted her thoughts to be a bit clearer, before she got interrogated. Because that’s exactly what…… Continue reading Last night… part 2.

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M – Part Eleven

  Once sitting down in the wagon (which is already surprising around noon – I must look terrible to be granted a seat) I get my thoughts together. The sudden grudge that had taken me over wears off. I realize I had no valuable reason to complain. In fact, I had time to walk calmly…… Continue reading M – Part Eleven

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Last night…

She woke with a dry mouth and crinkled mind. What had happened? She rolled on her back tucking the bedsheets under her arms, and enjoying the warmth of the duvet just a little longer. She knew reality would soon hit her, and usually, it wasn’t pretty when it happened. Not that it was an usual…… Continue reading Last night…

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Wit loss…

No… I am not trying to get thinner. I mean, I sure wouldn’t mind a slimmer waistline, and more graceful legs, but it would be pointless. I am not trying to impress anybody, and my job doesn’t require me to be fit. Thank God! But it seems like I’ve been suffering from wit loss lately.…… Continue reading Wit loss…

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Cyranny’s Jukebox…

  It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been a big fan of Shawn Mullins’ work for decades… I still don’t understand why he is not better known. But the guy keeps going, and tours around the United States, and still spreads his chicken soup for the soul  songs and tales. I follow him on…… Continue reading Cyranny’s Jukebox…