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Last night… part 2.


She left the empty glass in the kitchen sink, and poured the black brew in her favorite mug. She wondered if she should call Valérie, but it was still a little early for a Saturday morning, and she wanted her thoughts to be a bit clearer, before she got interrogated. Because that’s exactly what would happen…

No, she still needed a bit more alone time before she dialed her best friend’s number. It could wait.

She threw her phone on the old armchair by the window, and curled herself up in a corner of her couch, wrapped in her whool blanket, the hot coffee warming her hands. She lay her head back, closed her eyes and kept reviewing their evening together.



– Sure, come in!

She wasn’t too sure about this. Actually, she had a feeling she would regret letting him in, but she couldn’t not take the chance. Breaking free from his soft embrace, she pushed the door open, and led him in.

– Make yourself comfortable…

She tip toed through the corridor, and hid in her room for a moment. Sitting on her bed, saké still giving her a hard time thinking straight, she wondered what to do now. She had made the first move, sure… But he had (almost) insisted to come in. And even if she upset him, what the heck, he’d be gone anyway tomorrow…

She threw her coat on the bed, took her scarf off, and let her hair down, looking at herself for a second, in the mirror. He was a big boy, after all, and if he wasn’t happy, he could always leave, she was no match to keep him here against his will.

– Do you mind if I open this bottle of Merlot on your counter, while waiting?

She invited him to help himself, and still staring at her reflexion, unbuttoned her dress just enough to subtly highlight her cleavage. She could always blame the Merlot. Merlot had had her back a couple of times in the past.

She turned the handle, and took a deep breath before heading back to the living room.

– So… How about that Merlot?

He stood up, as he always did when she entered the room, when her question slightly preceeded her. He was annoyingly galant. And that was sexy.

Handing her a glass of Merlot, he raised his own, and made a toast as he led her to the sofa.

– To chance encounters, and good times with strangers… To life’s generosity, and my luck to have met you, lovely Lady!

She smiled, and nodded before taking a sip, but she realized the moment was gone. She couldn’t feel the tension in the air, that wrapped them both while he had held her, anymore. Such was life, and she had missed her train to wonderland.

All that was left were two strangers, a bottle of red wine and farewells on their way.

As they both sat, the distance between them seemed to agree with her. But just as she was ready to give up her plans to let all hells break loose, she had caught a sparkle in his eyes…  Stretching his free hand, he had invited her to join him.

– Scooch over, Gorgeous…

Snuggling against his chest, she repressed a sigh and wondered how she’d ever be able to let him go away.



The churche’s bells caught her off guard. She put her mug on the coffee table, and walked to the bathroom to fill the tub. The running water didn’t quite cover the deafening noise of the bells, but it was loud enough to spare her aching head from the painful pound of each high note echoing through the apartment.

Up to that moment, every memory of the evening was so clear… How could she still be in such a blur, when it came to how it ended?

She could still remember every word, she could still feel the tip of her fingers running through his hair, gently scratching the back of his head, she could still imagine the warmth of his breath on her cheek…

She unknotted her bathrobe, and let it drop on the white tiled floor. Testing the waters with a doubtful toe, she was pleased with the pleasant heat, and slipped in the bath… Thinking how nice it would have been to share it, this morning.

To share it with him…



To be continued.

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