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  23h30… And that is without the humidex. Fourth day in a row… My brain might get affected soon. More than usual, hehehehe. I appologize in advance for any possible weird posting in the next hours. I am not responsible. If you have any complaints to file, send them straight to Mother Nature!  

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Just wondering…

  Good evening Lovelies! There’s something I have to share with you, hoping (as usual) that some of you will comfort me by admitting you do it too. I think blogging is driving me crazy. Ok. I give it to you, stating the obvious so far. But what’s worrying me a bit, although I have…… Continue reading Just wondering…

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I am not a shopping girl. The Good Girly Fairy didn’t come over my crib, and I rarely can be found in a mall, unless I really need something specific. One of the only exceptions, is the fun I have going to Dollar Stores with my bestfriend. Cheap shopping, fun knick knacks… We are like…… Continue reading Tiger!

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The Copernicus effect…

Daily Prompt: Planet   She believed the world revolved around her…   Until the sun finally rose on her horizon, and she realized she wasn’t so special.   Just one of the many that danced around him….