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Looking back on October…

  To my own, and only pleasure, it is this time of the month again! I know, I missed a couple of months, and I am sorry for that. Not that anybody has complained about my lack of assiduity, but I must have missed a couple brand new flags, and now, it would require way…… Continue reading Looking back on October…

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Meet & Greet Party at Carolina’s….

Hey Lovelies! It’s Halloween day, and since most of us are too old for trick or treating, why not dress up and come party at Carolina’s? Her blog is easy to spot, it’s the one around the corner with all the pretty paintings on the walls!! I’m bringing Tequila and you’ll recognize me easily… I’ll…… Continue reading Meet & Greet Party at Carolina’s….

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Fading memory…

  If someday my memory just dries away, read me your best story every night… Over and over and over again. Every evening, after every sunset, tell me those same words, and bring me with you down the same road. Tell me about the same stars, and the same sighs, and the same dreams… Don’t…… Continue reading Fading memory…

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Just Considering – Notthedane56

  Considering her wants, her needs taking into account her opinion, listening, nodding, acknowledging being close, if needed looking at her, as my equal, perhaps being even greater value than I, discussing, conversing, quiet talks, silent thoughts shared moments, laughing, crying, wondering loving, all things in their good time, Just considering….     This piece…… Continue reading Just Considering – Notthedane56

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L like eLephant… A to Z Challenge

Yes, I’m back to my “A to Z Challenge”! Why now? Well, lately I have noticed that some people have visited some rather old posts of mine… Some I didn’t even remember. I always find it fun to go back to stories that have been on the bookshelf for a while, and think “Not too…… Continue reading L like eLephant… A to Z Challenge