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L like eLephant… A to Z Challenge


Yes, I’m back to my “A to Z Challenge”! Why now? Well, lately I have noticed that some people have visited some rather old posts of mine… Some I didn’t even remember. I always find it fun to go back to stories that have been on the bookshelf for a while, and think “Not too bad, girl!”… The “A” post keeps getting a lot of attention, although not the best, if you ask me, and I thought “Hey, why not give it a shot?”

After all, there was no notice saying how long I had to complete this challenge.

Anyway, even if there was one, Suze told me how not to follow rules in the bloggosphere. And the same way, I’ll cheat a little with the theme of this post.

I could have chosen “L like Love”… But I already wrote “A like Love”. I could have been kinky and writen “L like Lust”. Nah… That’s not the kind of stuff I write about, I would have bitten my nails (no I wouldn’t, I never could do that, but still, I would have been nervous) wondering what you’d think about it. It could have been “L like Looney” or “L like Liverpool”… Or something really deep; “L like Life”. I even could have stuck to the world of blogging with “L like Likes”….

No, no, no.

“L like eLephant” it is! But not just any elephants…

No Cyranny… Please don’t go there!!

Oh yes, I will! Danish elephants for everyone, please!

Elephants in Denmark, that’s just planin silly!

I’ve been told about Danish elephants months ago, by someone I would consider to be quite serious when it comes to the Danish matters. I had no reason to doubt my source, but I like to see things for myself…

But first things first. If you ask Google about Danish elephants, it’ll tell you about Elefantordenen, The Elephant Order. It is an order of chivalry, and the highest-ranked honour in Denmark. Now, anything that has something to do with chivalry is cool, if you ask me!

Why an elephant order, though? I have no clue. Danes have many symbols like that, that I really like. Like hearts. Danes have hearts on their coat or arms, on their money…


Armoiries Danemark.gif
See? I’m not kidding!




I know, I know… this is not about hearts.

So… I was told that I could go sightsee elephants ice-skating in Copenhagen. The first time I went, I had no big expextations, since the temperature was well above 20 degrees. In February, I hoped to be luckier, but unfortunately, the harbour’s waters weren’t frosted. No ice, no ice-skating, you know? September was disappointing too, and I had to look around town to find proof of the presence of elephants in Vikingland!

And Denmark likes me (maybe not quite as much as I like it, but still a lot) so I was lucky to find these along my walking…


What did you say? No, no… It IS a Danish elephant! I’m pretty sure about that!
Hannibal… Coincidence? I think not!!
Seen at Copenhagen’s House of Amber Museum
Tivoli Garden…
A bit blurry I know… Not my fault, these Danish rides are faaaaaaaast!
Welcome in the Carlsberg’s Empire!
Yeah, the Carlsbergs like their elephants big!


So there, you have it. Elephants are very present in Copenhagen, and next time, I’ll try to chase them everywhere else… Yet another good reason to book another trip!

4 thoughts on “L like eLephant… A to Z Challenge

  1. So very very happy to see how well you follow my instructions! it is, I suppose, because I am the queen of Suziland and not because you do not like rules. I Never, ever knew there were Danish elephants…yet there they are! You marvelous girl for teaching me something!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Denmark is full of unknown wonders 🙂 And I’m always glad to expose them to the world! Thank you for the kind words, Suze 🙂 🙂 🙂

      (I have to be honest, I started breaking rules as a proof of my loyalty to you, but I am starting to like it… :P)


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