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Life crumbs…

  Chéri, showing me his tablet, obviously excited;  “Look, now I can use a vacuum cleaner to find new clues in Criminal Case!” (Facebook game). Me;  … Me, thinking; (We have a vacuum cleaner too, you know?)   I wonder if I should hide clues in the apartment?

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Cyranny’s Jukebox…

Remember Gone in sixty seconds? I, for one, really enjoyed the year 2000 blockbuster! I was a big fan of Nicolas Cage, my father had passed on an interest for fine cars, and the soundtrack was good from first to the last song! This afternoon, the movie was playing on tv, and I hesitated on watching…… Continue reading Cyranny’s Jukebox…

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Retaining Control – Notthedane56

  The road stretched ahead while she looked out of the window “I can almost see where we met” -said, while looking out of the rear window “Just over the last hill, and around the corner”, I said “Brrr, it’s cold” she said “you could warm me by putting your arm around me” she said,…… Continue reading Retaining Control – Notthedane56

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Via today’s Daily Prompt: Succumb     Everytime she let herself relive the moment she lay in his arms, she wondered… Wondered what would have happened if… She had come to realize that the world was split in two. People who thought they had only one life to live, and willing to enjoy every opportunity…… Continue reading Succumb…

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Wanna Go for a Ride? – Notthedane56

  There I sat on my Mercedes Hamster Low-rider Harley with four on the floor Wanna go for a ride? I called out to those too speechless to answer too awestruck to know all but her, she who raised her hand slowly all but her, I revved her up she purred like a kitten then…… Continue reading Wanna Go for a Ride? – Notthedane56

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Dear You… Yeah, Again.

Dear you, Thank you for still being there. For staying in the shadows, but staying still… Neither our lives are easy. None is. But the presence of a good friend makes a difference, and I wish mine could make as big a difference as yours makes. It is a short note tonight, but not short…… Continue reading Dear You… Yeah, Again.