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A Sia thing…

  Doesn’t it drive you mad, when you have stuff to say, things to let out, and no time to do it?? I hate it. We should have “hold” buttons, we can push when ever inspiration hits, or when we just have ideas we want to put down, and then let time flow as it…… Continue reading A Sia thing…

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7 days, 7 photos Challenge – day 1

“Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.” I was challenged by Madame Suze And for day 1, I challenge Colin, from Scottish Legends 🙂

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Via Daily Post: Deny   Close your eyes, Dolly. Pull the drapes, on the window of your broken soul. Denying them all the chance to peek in. The world can hurt you, if you don’t let it.   Don’t let it.

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I want to hear you scream…

She shivered again, when the message ended with the mysterious stranger’s will. The cell phone still pressed against her ear, she listened to the long breath that preceeded total silence. What now? It wasn’t the first message left anonymously on her voicemail, but she could feel the longing in this one. I want to hear…… Continue reading I want to hear you scream…

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M – Part Thirteen

  Back home (my real home), I barely have time to lay my hand on the doorknob before hearing a tornado making its way towards the apartment’s entry. It is Fiou, of course. The furry ball has been named after the reaction he causes when people see him the first time… He is disorienting, despite…… Continue reading M – Part Thirteen