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Fall Meet & Greet! Final Day! – A Kinder Way

Last evening to join the party, already! But it is not over, just yet! And there are many nice people to mingle with, and exchange links with! I’m bringing champagne to end up this weekend in style (yeah, I can afford very good cyber-champagne! lol) and I am sure there’s a lot left to nibble…… Continue reading Fall Meet & Greet! Final Day! – A Kinder Way

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How do I do this? — itsgoodtobecrazysometimes

I usually am the one asking for this kind of help! I am pretty sure one of you Lovelies will know how to solve the problem….  So I pass the question on to you! You wouldn’t let someone whose blog name is “itsgoodtobecrazysometimes” to actually go crazy, right??   Any expert wordpress users out there?…… Continue reading How do I do this? — itsgoodtobecrazysometimes

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Heart for sale…

Looking for a good home for a kind heart. Second handed, but still running if you find the right words. Has been broken a couple of times, but was also mended by patient hands… A bit old fashioned. A bit loud. Always sincere. Foolish at times, and willing to believe the craziest lies. Comes with…… Continue reading Heart for sale…

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M – Part Twelve

  I enter the building that I fondly call “home”.  Indeed, after all the overtime spent at the office during the last five years, I’ve come to think that I actually live here, and that I rented a chalet (my apartment) only for the goodwill of Mireille and Fiou. I even considered making a change…… Continue reading M – Part Twelve