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Heart for sale…


Looking for a good home for a kind heart. Second handed, but still running if you find the right words. Has been broken a couple of times, but was also mended by patient hands… A bit old fashioned. A bit loud. Always sincere. Foolish at times, and willing to believe the craziest lies. Comes with a load of hopes and dreams. Has to be handled with care… Low maintenance, but sometimes a handful. Might not make sense at all times. Doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Sold as is, with its good sides, and hidden flaws.

Final sale, there will be no refund.


7 thoughts on “Heart for sale…

  1. In Denmark there is always a 2-year warranty on new products, but used items will generally be at least 1-year. I would like to examine the merchandise before buying…..


    1. i might suggest a search on the Internet for a suitable manual. You might get lucky finding someone that will take it off your hands, but I wouldn’t trust just anyone. Remember, there are foreigners out there!

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      1. Thanks for the tip… The Internets often are the answer to such problems. And if I don’t find a fit manual, I might find one that can do the job anyway… I am guessing a toaster’s could work, what do you think?


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