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Who would I be?

It is not the first time I ask myself just that. Yes, I do have existential doubts like everybody else, but this is not it. I just watched (again) the 1966 movie inspired by the 1953 novel from Ray Bradbury;   To make a long story short (many of you might have read/seen it but…… Continue reading Who would I be?

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What about me, Mumz?

  Freja seemed to be jealous this morning. You talk about everybody on your blogz, but whut about me?? I have to admit, I’ve neglected her addition to The Cove, lately. What can I say, I just don’t want to rely on cuteness 😉   But cute is cute… Can’t argue about that!

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One Autumn Leaf Falling – Notthedane56

  One instant I walked along the Autumn Streets dreaming of someone, I once knew the leaves falling my heart breaking I chanced upon a turn in the road around the corner, out of sight I wondered, should I, dare I let this Autumn Road take me? Let me turn when it turns and stop…… Continue reading One Autumn Leaf Falling – Notthedane56

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Only words…

Butterfly words, winged ideas, flying thoughts… Words blooming like lillies and daisies petals wrapped dreams… Sweet words, bitter words words filled with flavor. Words windy, and sunny words Thoughts weathery. Tides of words wavy words, words flooding…   Useless by the piece, hopefully meaningful someday…   Words spread to the winds, hoping they get to…… Continue reading Only words…