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A Sia thing…



Doesn’t it drive you mad, when you have stuff to say, things to let out, and no time to do it?? I hate it.

We should have “hold” buttons, we can push when ever inspiration hits, or when we just have ideas we want to put down, and then let time flow as it usually does… We really should. Please someone work on that!

I could have used the last five lines actually talking about what I wanted to talk about, but then, I would make sense, and that wouldn’t be me… Why not rant about needing more time to write, instead of just writing, right?


I’ve discovered Sia lately. (I know, get in town, Cyra!) I tend to do that… Not follow the big trends, just because they look like the cool thing to do/write/wear/listen to when they’re really “in”… to discover years later how dang cool they really were from the start. So I often get very excited about artists and songs or books way after most other people.

No I don’t live in a cave… Well, almost… maybe.

So lately I discovered Sia. Actually after hearing that my brother was going to see her concert here in Montréal. He doesn’t go to concerts often, and pretty much never by himself (if only I had paid attention earlier, he wouldn’t have gone alone!!), so it got me interested.

Of course, I knew Chandelier… I am not that lost. But the name Sia just spelled young generic pop artist to my mind, and I was surprised when I started doing a little research about the artist.

I really like her now. And that’s what I wanted to talk about… But I guess it’ll have to wait a little bit… Well, yes, it’ll have to wait, because my shift is ending in thirty minutes, and I have job to do in the meanwhile.

But I wanted to leave you two videos that I enjoyed on Youtube. The first one is a live performance at the Ellen DeGeneres’ show, and the second one her “appearance” on James Corden’s Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke….




Until I get time to get back to the main point…. Soon… Hopefully!

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