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Someone, Who I Was Not – Notthedane56


If my words, weren’t my own
if I tried to be someone who
I was not
would she look through me
stripping away my covers
undressing my less than savory thoughts
about her?

Pretending to be
someone, whose words professed
to belong to someone else,
hidden away, tempting others
to read along, thoughts and dreams,

If one day
my words chose to reveal who really lurked
using the guise of my otherwise, alter ego
trying to attain something,
using other cloaked references,
words that hid the truth, darkening edges
being wrapped in
the innuendo of my choice, deliberating
a planned deception
disguising my true feelings

from someone like her…..



This piece is the work of Notthedane56. You can find a lot more of his poetry, fiction and humor on his main site Everything in and around Denmark and on his new blog My House at the Sea.



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